Bocconcino’s menu is season based, therefore changes four times a year. In addition, you will find a selection of “Menu of the day” inspired by the famous menu “Calendar”, in use at the beginning of the century in the Roman taverns. On Thursday, for instance, you could savour the real handmade Gnocchi – potato dumplings, on Tuesday and Friday oily fish and salted codfish and on Monday meatballs and boiled meat. Our wine cellar has in stock locally produced wines as well as national wine options with a great quality/price ratio. 

Moreover, we support “VINO LIBERO”, a project by Oscar Farinetti, the founder of EATALY, and the tavern Il Bocconcino, selecting wine producers which guarantee that the sulphites dosage is less than 40%, with no use of fertilizers and herbicidal in the vineyard.

Il Bocconcino for ten years has carefully selected its suppliers, favouring quality, periodicity, and respect for the environment. We are happy to provide a list of some of the best suppliers in our region, Lazio.

Olive oil DOCG from the countryside Sabina “Il mercato vecchio dell’Abbazia”

Meat from Angelo Feroci al Pantheon

Fish from “Antica Pescheria Galluzza” or direct suppliers

Artisanal pasta Cav. Giuseppe Cocco

Fresh pasta “Pica dal 1950 – antica bottega artigiana”

Eggs and rabbits “Azienda Agricola S. Bartolomeo”

Cold cuts from “Erzinio SAS” di Guarcino

Formaggi e salumi “DOL Salumi”

Roman Pecorino cheese Dop CAO formaggi

Mozzarella di Bufala Dop “La Perla del Mediterraneo”